Warm up the mind

We wouldn’t jump into a foot race without warming the body with some light activity first. Many settings require the use of the Mind, yet we call the Mind to action with no preparation. Mental performance requires a complex orchestration of sensory and thought management while, in an ideal world, controlling attention. Our attention is challenged by what is happening on the screen while working in a remote setting.

Prepare the mind for the day by deciding what will happen on that day. Look at each day as a block of opportunity, with a start and end time, and give the mind a direction in which it will work. Leave sessions throughout the day with times for decompression and reflection. Recharge with nutrition, short walks, and meditation, yet constrain the amount of dopamine-focused activity like social media, mobile games, or media as it will dilute the effects of the day by contrasting low dopamine activities with high amounts of stimulation.

Enter conversations with purpose. Perform breathing exercises just before a meeting with a colleague or group. Giving the mind breath and relaxing the shoulders may allow alignment between the body and Mind to allow space for the Mind to do its work. Review the direction you hope to move people in an upcoming discussion, and remain flexible with emotions.

Do not overextend the mind with worry; if the direction of the work is not what was expected, there is tomorrow.

A cramp was described to me by a coach as the body’s way of saying it had been surprised. The emotional reaction could be an interesting parallel mental response to an otherwise unprepared Mind.

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