Wonder invites curiosity and what-ifs. Wonder is often lost in our places of work because people are more often than not doing what they are asked to do, with little to no input. Without being invited to contribute in ways other than performing the activity, people have to find motivation in action and perhaps the results. Wonder and curiosity will pull people through discomfort and hardship to see what can happen next and to explore what they are capable of doing.

When we discuss creating environments where people can find motivation, Wonder is a powerful attribute to invite into the system. Invite teams to think about the future; Where will we be in the next three years? What do you think we will learn about once we finish this project? What innovations will we discover when we talk to these users? What would happen if we succeeded?

What if, what if, what if.


Make one slight adjustment to how work is organized that invites people into the direction the exercise will take you.

Just one slight adjustment, never all at once.

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