AI Content Policy

Retro-futuristic AI writing setup with neon holograms and a starry space backdrop, embodying 70s sci-fi.
Embracing the Future: How AI Transforms Content Creation with a Touch of 70s Sci-Fi Wonder.

I have noticed some discomfort in the general use of AI when creating content, particularly blogging. Since I am using AI in my work, I thought being transparent with my readers on how I apply AI and my reasoning was correct.

I have created my ghostwriter.

Since the release of GPTs and GPT4, I have created a ghostwriting bot that helps me take my initial draft or mess of notes and pull them into something coherent. It feels like a miracle because it took me weeks to produce a single blog post, working hard to organize my thoughts and then trying to make the writing length for engagement purposes. My ghostwriter allows me to focus solely on the concepts I am trying to convey and makes them presentable.

02/18/2024: After working with the GenAI Ghost Writer (GPT4) for several months, I thought I would share some feedback on how it is going.

The Good
1. It has been very productive to incorporate a note-taking tool while commuting or when something strikes me to get those notes into something worth reading rapidly.
2. The multi-modality of GPT4 is incredibly helpful in producing post-cover images. I find the flow quite productive, rapidly moving from creating content to creating graphics. And since I am not looking for a particular style, I find experimenting with different prompt formats fast and fun without wasting a lot of time fussing with graphics/fonts, etc.

What Needs Improvement
1. One post came out more like a hot-take than I had intended or hoped. I take responsibility for perhaps the piece's tone; however, I noticed that GPT4 is not keen on nuance. It was a good experience for me because I did find myself trusting the model more than I probably should have, and this was a good lesson for me to play a much more active role in content generation. This did dash my hopes of building an automated pipeline straight from my notebook.
2. The content generation is predictable, lacking uniqueness in language, and sometimes omitted parts of my notes I would have wished were included in the initial draft. Overall, I spend more time helping the GenAI Ghost Writer by leaning more into my formal writing process. It is not bad, but it is another detail I must consider while editing.
3. Image generation is great however it can be frustrating getting many errors as responses inviting me to wait or retry the job.

AI helps me with social media.

I am not great at Xing or tweeting, but with the bots I have created, I can produce weeks' worth of content in several hours, all depending on what I understand to be my original thoughts, findings, and experiences. I do this because I wish to expand my audience. I want to help people, and this content is a starting point to introduce myself to them.

What do I do with the outputs?

I review all of the articles by hand; I also use Grammarly to improve the quality of the language used and correct spelling mistakes. I also embellish, add new parts that I think would enhance the article, and make edits to some of the sometimes awkward language that I would not use. I also look to remove redundancies from the content, and most importantly, I want to make sure the intent of why the content exists is fully intact.

AI needs to enhance my work, not outright replace it.

Image generation

Since the concepts I cover are complex and challenging to represent pictorially, I find what AI produces to be delightful to look at and, abstractly, connected to the messages I am trying to convey.

What it is not doing

AI is not fully automated and running my business. Since I am a developer by trade, yes, I will create additional automation and advance my robots to learn about how I write for the sake of creating tone and consistency; I will also use it to help me create interactive programs to help people make meaningful changes to their lives and careers. It assists me, but it does not replace me... (yet?).

At the end of the day

I am finding my strategy with AI is helping me in my production process in satisfying ways. I will continue to evaluate what I am producing and always take feedback from my audience. The blog, however, is not the end product; it is the beginning of something directly engaging. I am meeting with leaders in 1:1 sessions to discuss their careers, and we cover many of the topics in these posts; we are also building a community of like-minded leaders - People who care but struggle to make an impact that I hope to see you a part of someday.

It's okay if you ignore it.

It is okay not to subscribe to or collaborate with me or this platform. I understand that the things I produce are not for everyone, however well my intentions may be.