Attention is a commodity often overlooked by all except those who understand how to capitalize on it. Attention is the ability to maintain a selected subject for a prolonged period. Attention allows us to align all of our senses into a single direction putting every bit of human capabilities to work.

Instinctual drivers of attention, more often than not, counter what our innate needs require. Listening is considered a skill. Good listening skill is challenging to achieve. Developing a connection to the attention trait enables good listening skills to build.

Attention is limited. Only one subject can occupy the attention space at a time. Multi-tasking is possible by rapidly moving attention between two or more subjects.

There are apparent attention seekers and ones that are not so obvious. Evident attention seeking is a child acting emotionally to get a parent to address them. Thoughts, on the other hand, are not so obvious. Any thought at any moment can steal us away from the present, which is the time we need our attention the most. Much like our dreams, we do not design or control the thoughts in the mind.

If we cannot control our thoughts, yet they are strong enough to steal our attention space, we are constantly shifting from the present to someplace less relevant.

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