Exploring Human System Adaptation Under Innovation

Signs of change failing

The confusion or rejection of system change requests should signal to leaders that something does not make sense to the group we seek to change. If I may, most people in Meta’s target audience do not yet see their lives being touched by VR solutions daily. Yet how would the broader human system behave if it had?

  • Shortages of VR headsets.
  • Virtual Environments would be a part of job descriptions for large enterprises.
  • Hiring strategies would include Remote/Virtual Settings as part of their offering.
  • New Marketing agencies would provide over-the-top advertising for common virtual platforms.
  • VR tech hubs would spring up throughout the country.
  • New Hardware companies would spring into the market boasting new features.
  • Private VR services would become available, personal worlds, caches, and more.
  • Stories of rich events happening in the VR worlds also make their way into mainstream media news. VR highlight spots.
  • Commercials that promote upcoming VR events.

At this moment, though, what natural attractors to VR align with our best interests? In addition to that, the barrier to entry is relatively high due to the cost of materials - making a person need to make a significant trade of assets before they would activate.

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