Change Management Review

  1. Prepare the organization for change, introduce the problem, and get people in the system to see the situation similarly.
  2. Craft a vision and plan for change, bringing people into the conversation and introducing them to change that will address the issues. Seek ways to allow people to have ownership of the change.
  3. Implement the change, setting a date and reminding people it is coming.
  4. Make the change a part of the company and culture, foster guilds, and bring the transition into career development programming.
  5. Review progress and education and make adjustments to staffing as needed. How well are people taking to the change, continuing to provide education, and moving people around if functions fail?

Change management heuristics positions novelty in line with the human systems motivation path, ideally. Behaviors like curiosity, usage, and development of expertise are all side effects of a job well done when it comes to giving humans the time to see the meaning in the adjustments we look to make.

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