Flow Time

Flow Time is a term used to describe the time it takes to align focus and the body into the task properly. Flow Time gives the mind the space it needs to process a job as effectively as the mind and body doing the work are capable of doing.

An individual may deliberately drop into Flow Time by noticing when Attention is not on the immediate activity. Flow Time also requires forgoing notions of waiting, and Flow Time cares nothing about what needs to happen next; the focus action is the only subject that matters.

The application of Flow Time will yield feelings of ease; it will reduce errors or appreciate errors as they happen. You will make progress, and you will learn lessons. Emotions that will challenge an individual seeking Flow Time will be frustration, anger, and anxiety, which may pull focus away from another activity. It is essential to take breaks from time to time; however, emotional reactions are inevitable, but this is where the skill-building work happens the most.


When doing any work, such as having a conversation, tying a shoe, or cleaning the house, catch the moments the mind is misaligned with the current activity goal. Notice the distraction, congratulate yourself mentally and move the Attention back to the plan.

Do not give in to emotional reactions of frustration or anxiety. Flow Time is not about patience; it is about recentering ourselves and getting the focus target back into view, and allowing the rest of the details to fall into the background.


The practice described here is how to focus object meditation works. Flow Time is an extension of how to apply meditation to daily actions.

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