Another beginning from a new foundation

I am both intimidated and excited to explore the subject of the adaptative nature of our being and applying techniques that instigate it. I believe exploring adaptation is a unique approach to leadership and management. The best working example I came across is a sensemaking framework called Cynefin, which is exciting to me because it means organizations are working on assembling suitable materials and guidance to leaders to help them make the impact they intend to make for their organizations and products.

I will draw inspiration from the content that has inspired me, such as Complexity Science, Cynefin, Conscious Leadership, Meditation, and the wonderful people around me to share perspectives, exercises, and workshops that will fundamentally change how you think about having influence and solving problems.

Leading with Adaptation is a leadership style that looks beyond leadership acronyms and ceremonies and provides clarity of intent regarding what we are trying to accomplish. It includes space for professionals in leadership roles space to have their own life and means actually to reduce stress in their professional and personal lives. Leading with Adaptation is a set of skills we develop and a mindset we cultivate within ourselves that gives us a new lens to see the world and the people around us through.

Let’s go.

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