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Sometimes it can be tough coming up with new ideas for an HTML email concept - especially one that won't rack your programming noggin trying to figure out how to keep it out of the users spam box.

The folks at HTML Email Gallery put together a really nice set of inspiring HTML email designs - the kind that make you go, "Man I wish I did that!".

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New Content Coming Soon!

The work schedule has been crazy for the past couple of months to say the least - but I will be getting back on track with more content very soon.

Prepare for more web development video tutorials, free graphic assets blog entries, small business web project education and much much more.

Thank you for your patience!

Announcing New Hosting Provider

I have recently switched hosting providers, and I am rather impressed.

One of the coolest features is that the new host is 100% wind powered! Making a green website - now if only your computer was plugged into a wind turbine.. hmmmm

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Shared Hosts that Market Unlimited Do Not Really Mean Unlimited

During recent months my team and I have been working on a realty website for a local small business and the request came up to directly integrate local MLS content into the piece. Aside from the technical difficulty surrounding direct MLS integration - there comes a hefty amount of data as well..

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My Favorite Text Editor

I have been around the block when it comes to trying out simple text editors and sure they all come with their own flare and...

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Learning HTML 5 Is Easy Mode - You Just Need to Start

For those that might be interested, my adventures with HTML5 have been a lot of fun. The new enhancements are just...

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Education and Contributions

The Business Owners Guide to Web Design

The Small Business Owners Guide to Web Design

First article in what I like to think of as the beginnings of connecting business owners and web developers.

This is a for free and open contribution designed to give business owners the know how before embarking on their quest for the perfect website.

Start Learning about Web Site Projects

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This is Cool

jQuery Mobile!

YES! Finally jQuery Mobile is live! I can't wait to dig into this js Framework.

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jQuery Adds presents a pretty awesome jQuery API addition with common interface elements such as tabbed navigations and custom tool-tips.

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Have you seen these Web Tutorials?

The library is rather limited so far - but I do try to take and answer questions fellow web peeps have. If you have a suggestion or comments about what you see please feel free to send me a message from the Contact page.

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